How to choose a suitable power bank to charge your phone .. Know the details


All users are exposed to situations that require them to be online continuously. This is either for entertainment during travel and trips, or even for work and productivity purposes, and here comes the importance of the power bank, according to the Arab Gateway for Technical News website.

The power bank provides a great benefit to users, as it is portable to anywhere and is able to charge a smartphone or tablet for a large number of consecutive times before the user needs to charge it, but power banks differ from each other in many things.

A single power bank cannot be ideal for all users with different uses, so the appropriate power bank must be chosen carefully before completing the purchase process.

Capacity and charging ports in the power bank

As it is known to everyone, the Power Bank is a large battery that the user charges when he is at home and carries it with him later to anywhere to charge his phones and other smart devices through it.

Therefore, the most important things that the user should pay attention to is, without a doubt, the capacity. The battery capacity of the power bank is measured in milliamperes, just like smart phone batteries.

The most common measurements are 10,000mAh, 15,000mAh, and 20,000mAh. And if your smartphone battery has a capacity of 4,000 mAh, this means that the first measurement will charge it two and a half times, and so on

In general, it is preferable to buy the largest available capacity, but the greater the capacity, the greater the size and weight on the one hand, and the higher the price on the other hand, so the 15,000mAh option remains ideal for most users, along with the thin and light 20,000mAh versions.

On the other hand, the number of outlets is an important factor to pay attention to during purchase, as the arrival of the bank with only one outlet means that it is able to charge only one device, while batteries with two outlets are able to charge two devices.

Size and shipping speed

People differ in their tastes and way of life, so each user must choose the appropriate size and weight for him. Some portable batteries come with a heavy weight and a size that is too large, and others come with a slimmer and modern design, but usually at a more expensive price.


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