How to download PUBG NEW STATE on PC and Android || Learn about the features of the PUBG New State game


Many people from different parts of the world are looking for a way to download the PUBG New State game, or the so-called PUBG 2, as its own company developed it to keep for the year 2050, and the company worked on this development to suit different years, as this update is characterized by the game PUBG That you can enter without using planes or with them, and it is also characterized by the fact that it resembles reality in the best sense, so there are many people looking for a way to download, and that is to enjoy all the advantages in it.

pubg new state

The only goal that all players seek is to win, and this means winning by killing as many players as possible, so there are many secrets that many players must know in the PUBG Mobile game before starting to play.

There are two different ways to download this game, and the first method is the best and easiest than the other, which is to download the game through the Play Store on Android or the Play Store from iPhone devices, and the other way is to download it by entering the game link through the browser.

Features of PUBG New State game

This game is characterized by a lot of features that are unique to it from all other fighting games, and the best of these features are the following:

  • It features a lot of new and modern quick-fire weapons.
  • It has a lot of new clothes and is distinct from the previous update.
  • Dynamic imaging that indicates reality in this game.

Also, downloading this game is characterized by the absence of any material fees while downloading it.

Requirements to play PUBG New State

There are some requirements that must be present in the phones that will be downloading the Peggy New State game, the most important of which are:

  • The phone memory should not be less than 4 GB.
  • There must be about 600 megabytes available in order to download the game.

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