Hussein Labib: Farouk Jaafar is a technical advisor… and Carteron is the final decision-maker in the Zamalek team


Hussein Labib, head of the committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club, confirmed that there is no football committee inside the White Castle, and that the French technical director, Patrice Carteron, made the first and last decision regarding the first team, although his decision is also being discussed to reach the best opinion.

Labib added, during his statements on the Zamalek channel, that Farouk Jaafar is a technical advisor, but he does not have the right to refuse or approve except according to the vision of Patrice Carteron, saying: “The football file in Zamalek is managed by a system that I do not want to disclose at the moment.”

And the head of the Zamalek Management Committee continued: “I, Hussein El-Sayed and Farouk Jaafar, and we have 3 other parties that I will not disclose about.

And he added: “Everyone should know that Farouk Jaafar is a son of the Zamalek club and loves the entity, and we have to wait for the final results before judging and evaluating now.”


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