Hussein Labib: Zamalek was “live on Turki Al Sheikh’s money”


12:53 AM

Saturday 18 September 2021

Cairo – (Masrawy):

The head of the committee in charge of running the Zamalek club, Hussein Labib, said that the value of the rents of the shops surrounding his fence was generating income for the club’s treasury, but there are shops that did not pay the dues, and there are issues in this regard.

Hussein Labib added, during an intervention on the “Al-Hekaya” program, on the “MBC Egypt” satellite channel: “There is a period when Turki Al-Sheikh paid the Zamalek club in some players,” to be interrupted by the presenter of the program: “Was Zamalek living on Turki Al Sheikh’s money,” to respond. Yes, during this period, Zamalek was living on his money in some deals.

And the head of the committee in charge of running the Zamalek club continued: “As an audience, if every Zamalek paid 100 pounds, and there are a million fans who will pay us, there are 100 million pounds. With a question: Why does Al-Ahly own money?, Labib replied: “Al-Ahly as an institution has been working properly for a while, and we were not like that, and we respected all people, but things were not managed well economically.”

Labib continued: “The land of October 6th City could generate a good income for the club, but it was not built and is threatened with withdrawal if it is built and the subscriptions are paid, it will generate income… We build the Zamalek club not with concrete, but as a system, and despite what we suffer, I did not say that I will leave without handing the club over to the elections, I want the club to be handed over before the elections, I want to pay the players dues in order to keep the team.”

The presenter of the program asked him a question that came: “Will we not be able to renew Bencharki?” He replied: “It is not about money at all. One million pounds for the cases brought against us, and there are cases that we reduced their value and are working on the rest of the clubs.

And he added: “As a temporary committee, there are things that we cannot solve in a quick way as much as if there is an elected council and I want to hand it an exact budget and I have solved the existing problems for it and put ourselves on the right track. On Zamalek, as well as the project of the football company. The Zamalek club may be one of the richest clubs, but it needs professional management, both sportingly and economically.”


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