In the incident of exchanging the bodies.. the director of Al-Mabarra Hospital in Port Said reveals the secrets


11:46 PM

Friday 17 September 2021

Port Said – Tariq Al-Rifai:

Today, Friday, Dr. Mohamed Al-Kiki, Director of Al-Mabarrah Hospital in Port Said Governorate, revealed the details of the accidental burial of the body of a young man instead of another, while the families of the two young men are waiting for the prosecution’s decision in the incident after the hospital administration discovered the incident and the mistake that occurred by one of the families.

Al-Kiki pointed out that the hospital received, by ambulance, the bodies of two young men who died in two separate accidents, to put them in the morgue, one from Port Said and the other from Mataria in Dakahlia.

The doctor added: “After that, the health doctor attended, accompanied by the relatives of the first young man from Port Said, named” M. Q. The relatives of the young man recognized the body and admitted that it was their son, and they washed him and went to the cemetery to bury him. After that, the security person in charge of the morgue discovered that they had taken the body of a young man from Mataria instead of their son, so the hospital administration sent the security personnel to the cemetery to tell his family, but they did not respond, so a number of Another of the hospital’s security personnel went to the cemetery to talk to his family, but to no avail. The hospital administration issued a report proving the incident in the police station.

The director of the hospital confirmed that the two young men have the same chin and build and wear almost the same clothes and the same shape of the ring on the hand, and that after that the family of the Port Said young man came to the hospital and made sure that they buried another person instead of their son and that their son is still in the hospital morgue, and currently the families of the two young men are waiting Prosecutor’s decision.

The activists of the social networking site “Facebook” had discussed the fact that the family of a young man who died in an accident buried another person in his place from Dakahlia Governorate, and he also died in an accident.

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