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Friday 24 September 2021

Kafr El-Sheikh – Islam Ammar:
During the past week, Kafr El-Sheikh governorate witnessed a strange case of its kind that had not occurred in Egypt before, which is the theft of electricity and not only in the governorate, according to what was monitored by the North Delta Electricity Distribution Company, with the theft of electricity worth 14 million pounds.

the beginning

The beginning of the story was information received by the Kafr El-Sheikh Electricity Sector, and the Electricity Investigations Department, about the existence of an ice factory located within the city of Baltim, in front of the Baltim-Kafr El-Sheikh coastal international road tributary. In which the electricity is delivered from the public source, without paying the electricity company’s dues in full or in a way that is not commensurate with the size of the capabilities of the operation and production process of the factory, especially in the summer.
According to the investigations conducted by the Electricity Investigations Department in Kafr El-Sheikh, following the information received regarding the incident, the production status of the factory was monitored towards the actual consumption of electricity, compared to the rest of the factories that practice the same activity, last July, and it was found that the factory consumes electricity loads that are not commensurate with the volume Amortization of bills that are being paid by the owner.

Discover the incident

An enlarged campaign from both sectors headed to the ice factory, after identifying the areas of loss within the geographical scope of the company, and it was found that the electrical current was connected to the factory, and an upper rest room inside the factory, from the company’s public source.

During the technical inspection of the electricity in the factory by the technicians in the campaign, they succeeded in discovering a tunnel lined with iron and cement with a length of 20 meters, under the factory’s power transformer, to be used to reach the transformer to disconnect and restore the electric current during the inspection campaigns with the intention of stealing the electric current.

counter tampering

The technical examination, according to the campaign reports, indicated that it is possible to enter and exit the transformer room in the lined tunnel to manipulate the existing meters, and to make illegal connections through which he can steal the electric current.

After the examination was completed, the initial loads of the factory, with the knowledge of the Kafr El-Sheikh electricity sector, were estimated at about 800 horses, with a financial value of 14 million pounds, while the electrical current was disconnected from the factory, until the final costs of electricity consumption were monitored after monitoring the actual volume of consumption in preparation for its entitlement from the accused, and the signing of the fine. laid out about it.

5 decisions of the prosecution

The Prosecution Office of the Burullus Center in Kafr El-Sheikh issued 5 decisions against the owner of the ice factory, which included the detention of the accused, the owner of the factory, for 4 days, pending investigations, taking into account his renewal on time, issuing a fish and analogy, and attaching his record.

The Public Prosecution also decided to request the Electricity Investigation’s supplementary investigations about the incident, its circumstances and circumstances, in order to communicate whether there was a public employee of the Electricity Company who participated with the accused in committing the incident, or facilitated for him to seize the electric current or not.

It also decided to include the reports No. 21647 and 21648 for the year 2021, the Burullus Police Station misdemeanour, to the report No. 21646 for the year 2021, the Burullus Police Station misdemeanour, for the litigants unit, and the subject, and inquires from the local unit affiliated with the factory run by the accused, whether the factory has been issued licenses or not.
He inquires from the Electricity Company whether or not the factory was issued with licenses from the North Delta Electricity Distribution Company, as well as whether or not there are meters connected.

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