In the video .. a giant “hamour” devouring the “terrifying sea monster”


And while the fisherman John Broussard was sailing to fish near Goodland in Florida, catch with his rod SharkHowever, he was surprised to be devoured by a giant fish of a kind.grouper Atlantic”.

And according to the British newspaper “The Sun”, which published the video, John was shocked by what happened, as he was fishing in the area where the sharks are.

In the video, John was stunned by what happened, shouting: “Unbelievable. A big fish devoured the shark that caught it.”

John confirmed that the grouper was able to cut the line of his hook, which is intended for catching fish of large weights.

The fisherman estimated that the weight of the “grouper” would be around 200 kilograms, pointing out that he would rethink the nickname many give to sharks as “a grouper.”sea ​​monsters Terrifying” after documenting this incident.

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