In the video, a goalkeeper saves his team’s net from 5 penalty kicks


In the video, a goalkeeper saves his team's net from 5 penalty kicks

Russias Ufa goalkeeper Alexei Kuznetsov saved his team’s goal from five penalties in a match against its host Gion Dynamo in the Russian Cup, on Wednesday.

The main time of the match ended with a goal for both teams, after the hosts advanced in the 60th minute thanks to a goal by Shamil Saadawi, before the visitors managed to equalize in the fifth minute of extra time through the efforts of Alexei Nikitin.

According to the tournament regulations, the two sides went to penalty kicks, where the Ufa players scored two goals.

The team’s goalkeeper Kuznetsov saved all five shots from the penalty mark, including those returned by a decision of the confrontation referee due to the goalkeeper’s violation of the rules, but he managed to deal with both attempts.

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The match ended with a 2-0 victory for the Ufa team on penalties.

Kuznetsov, 25, moved to Ufa this summer, as part of a free transfer, to appear for the first time in Ufas main squad in this match.

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