In the video – here the ascetic cries because of her mother’s illness: a malignant tumor


The Egyptian artist Hana Al-Zahid did not hold back her tears while talking about her mother’s infection with breast cancer and her treatment journey. A malignant tumor emerged.”

Al-Zahid added, during an interview with her on the “With You, Mona Al-Shazly” program, presented by the media, Mona Al-Shazly, on the “cbc” channel: “The news is in photography. A person laughs for hours, but he is seriously annoyed, today I do not like to think about it… But because of my work, I decided to continue filming.”

And she added: “Farah called me and said to me: If you, here, Mama went to the doctor, and the result came out, she had a malignant tumor, I was very annoyed, but because this is my job, I said I must complete it. For people, you are not satisfied with yourself, to a certain extent, the world is pure, if you doubt the need of a soul to reveal, Mama said, “I will not do the operation because it is necessary to eradicate.” She said black words and we could not bear it. “.

Al-Zahid concluded her speech by saying: “We all told her, Mama, we will go and simplify, and there will be no need for you, and this black and beast need will go away, and our lives will begin again, we are attached to our security because we are afraid of it.”


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