In the video, Nelly Karim advises her daughter: Make yourself happy and do not wait for happiness from your husband


The star has arrived Nelly Karim Guest on the “Youm Lake” program with the media summer yousry On Al-Hayat channel, and during the episode, she talked about many personal matters in her life and her artistic beginnings with the late director Youssef ChahineIn addition to her work with director Amir Ramses in 3 films, and during the episode, she also talked about the impact of her character in the series “Against Al Kasr” on her on a personal level, which gave her more strength in dealing with life’s shocks.

Nelly Karim - Photo from her Facebook account.jpg 3
Nelly Karim – Photo from her Facebook account

love yourself

During the episode, Samar Yousry asked Nelly Karim to give some advice from Nelly to her daughter and the girls of her daughter’s age who are coming to life and adolescence, so that Nelly begins her talk by asking her daughter to love herself, saying: “Love yourself, take care of her, and (be mindful of yourself) and take care of your being. and your interests.” And she added: “Make yourself happy… and when you find the right person, know very well that he will not increase your happiness because there is no one in life that increases the happiness of others or makes you happy… as the role of the husband is to add to you, not to detract from you or to leave you.” You give up your interests.

I ask my daughter not to give up her life for a man

Nelly continued her advice to his daughter: “Love yourself first, then love your husband… There are many daughters who get married and have no entity in her life and she does not know anything in her life… I demand my daughter to stand on her feet and take care of her studies, work and personality. You choose what you want to do next.. and I repeat (love yourself first) so that you know you love and give people this love.”

Self love is not selfish

In her advice to her daughter and the girls who are about to get married, Nelly went on to say: “Love of oneself does not mean selfishness… Rather, take care of yourself, your culture, your health, and your being. A man has a place and an entity in the house… But teach yourself not to allow a man to increase your rights and insult you. And do not sit at home because your husband wants that… Rather, sit at home because you are the one who wants that…with your own will, not the desire of anyone else.”

Actress Nelly Karim - photo from her Facebook account
Actress Nelly Karim – photo from her Facebook account

I feel neglected by my children

The star Nelly Karim revealed that she felt neglected for some time towards her children because of her work, but she did not feel this towards her ex-husbands.
Nelly also pointed out that she has been working since she was 16 years old and loves her work and did not imagine that she would give up her work one day because of her husband, because her work and profession is an essential thing in her life since her youth.
It is worth noting that Nelly Karim will be a guest next Thursday with her husband, Hisham Ashour, and singer Ramy Ashour, on the “With You” program, Mona El-Shazly.

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