In the video, Ronaldo goes to a fast food restaurant and raises the question about his abandoning his healthy habits


A state of wonder prevailed among fans of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, after a fan’s camera spotted him leaving a fast food restaurant in the streets of Holme during a break from his team Manchester United’s training.

A fan posted a clip of his appearance in suburban Manchester on social media, with a passerby shouting his name as he walked towards a black car waiting for him outside.

The video raised the question of whether the Portuguese star, who is known for following a strict diet, had ordered fast food from the restaurant, according to Russia Today.

But the newspaper “Daily Star” explained that Ronaldo passed through the restaurant, and did not order food.

According to the newspaper, Ronaldo was going to the post office, which shares space with a fast food restaurant.

After completing his dealings with the post office, Ronaldo headed outside through the restaurant to the outside.

Ronaldo is still in great physical shape just five months before his 37th birthday, which means that his scoring production has not waned yet.

The “Don” also continues to provide outstanding performance, as a result of the strict dietary requirements and the continuous training regime that he has adhered to over the past 15 years.



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