iPhone 13 features that Android users won’t get.. Get to know them


Apple revealed 4 new smartphones from the iPhone 13 series two days ago, as the Apple series of phones contains features that Android phones cannot boast of, and the following are some of them:

The only feature that will delight “movie makers” on mobile

Every year Apple gets a feature in the iPhone camera that makes people sit up and take notice, and this year it’s going to be “Cinema Mode.” During the keynote, Apple gave it a try and it looked really cool.

Cinematic mode – in very simplified words – is a portrait mode for videos, and with this mode, one can focus automatically on specific subjects, where you can completely blur someone in the background or make someone look obvious in the foreground, and you will not find this feature in any Android phone Popular, and moreover it won’t be limited to Pro phones as it is available across the iPhone 13 series.

Double the storage capacity

Apple decided to make the basic version of storage options start at 128GB. Also, at the same price as the iPhone 12, you end up getting twice the storage in the same amount. For a company that often gets options for expensive products, Apple has gone the least expensive route. Traveling in 2021.

Faster processor than most smartphones

Again it’s nothing new but the iPhone processor is very fast and Apple is improving it every year, and with the iPhone 13 series, you get an A15 Bionic processor which – according to benchmark tests – is much faster than popular Android phones.

Another camera feature for video professionals

Like Cinema Mode, another addition to the camcorder capabilities is ProRes. For professionals, the ProRes codec offers lower compression and higher color accuracy, and is said to be used to shoot TV commercials, and even movies, however ProRes will be available in iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max .


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