Issam Marei is close to assuming the position of general coach with the duties of a football director in Zamalek


Issam Merhi, the former Zamalek star, approached the position of general coach with the French Cartieron, as a replacement for Osama Nabih, who recently submitted his resignation.

The club’s management intends to assign Issam Marei the tasks of the general coach and the director of the ball together, to impose more discipline and commitment within the team, while Tariq Mustafa, the former general coach of the national team, refused to take the same position in Zamalek, preferring to return to take over the task of coach in a team outside Egypt and the closest is Returning to the Moroccan League again.

In a different context, the Zamalek club began to escalate the crisis of sanctions by the Grievances Committee in Jabalia against the duo of the team Hazem Imam and Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, after Zamalek issued an official statement rejecting the penalties after their reduction, and threatening to escalate to FIFA.

The text of the statement reads as follows, “The Zamalek club, based on its constants and moral values ​​based on unconditional respect for all bodies and personalities in the sports community… affirms its full appreciation to the Grievances Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, and its honor and respect for the eminent people, the president and members of the committee, but in The framework of the keenness of the committee in charge of managing the club to protect its rights and the rights of its children and all its members.

The committee affirms its total rejection of the decisions issued by the esteemed committee regarding the penalties imposed on Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala and Hazem Imam, and also stresses that these penalties do not conform to the correct law and regulations that must be applied.

The committee also stressed that the club’s legitimate and legal requests for an investigation into the incident or hearings with the intent of revealing the facts were not responded to in a manner that ensures the fair application of the law and regulations.

And Zamalek continued in his statement: Accordingly, the club confirms that, in light of a careful study of the situation in all its aspects, it will not hesitate to take all measures and ways to nullify this decision through all legitimate means through all sports and judicial authorities locally and internationally, and the measures taken will be announced. timely.

The Grievances Committee had decided to fine Zamalek 100 thousand pounds for collective insults, and 100 thousand pounds for excessive numbers during the second half of the match to deliver the shield, and the committee decided to stop Hazem Imam for 4 matches and a fine of 100 thousand pounds for unsportsmanlike behavior, while the committee decided to reduce Shikabala’s penalty from 8 Months and 500 thousand pounds to the suspension of eight matches and a fine of 250 thousand pounds


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