Its symptoms are similar to Corona .. The emergence of the “RSV” virus in America among children


The Washington Post published a report confirming the spread of the virus.RSVRespiratory syncytial in America among children.

The report indicated that two children’s hospitals in the Washington area recently saw a large number of children infected with the virus. RSV , a seasonal respiratory virus that children usually contract during the winter months but the virus has spread during these days, causing Children’s National Hospital in Washington to activate plans in recent days to respond numbers.

rsv . virus
rsv . virus

The report added that part of the emergency department was allocated to intensive care patients, and part of the surgical recovery area was used to provide additional beds for patients infected with the virus.RSV“.

The report indicated that the virusRSV“It is widespread these days, and this is in contrast to previous years, so the number of infections was few and in the middle of winter, and therefore caution must be taken, especially since the symptoms of this virus are similar to the symptoms of the coronavirus.

Where public health experts said, the increase in cases of virus respiratory syncytial”RSVIt appears to be an indirect result of the coronavirus pandemic.

What are the symptoms of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

The site presented some symptoms of respiratory syncytial virus.RSV“, Which:

An increase in body temperature.


Runny nose.

It can cause shortness of breath.

Inflammation of the air passages in the lung.

Throat pain.


Feeling weak and restless.

The report confirmed, that the cause of the spread of HIV infection “RSV“It is the failure to adhere to the precautionary measures that were followed last winter as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus.


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