Judicial action against Fifi Abdo after the controversial dance video



Judicial action against Fifi Abdo after the controversial dance video

Judicial sources in Egypt said that the investigation authorities decided to refer the complaint submitted by lawyer Ashraf Farhat against the dancer, Fifi Abdo, to the Appeals Prosecution for investigation.

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Egypt.. A report by the Public Prosecutor accusing the dancer, Fifi Abdo

The lawyer accuses the dancer of inciting immorality and immorality, by dancing in a video in which Fifi Abdo was wearing the “Bashkir”, which angered the pioneers of social media platforms, after the popularity of this video on the Facebook platform.

In his communication to the Egyptian Attorney General, the lawyer explained that the video angered the pioneers of Facebook, because it contradicts the public morals of the values ​​​​of Egyptian society, which is a crime according to the Information Technology Crimes Law and came in the text of Article 25, punishing anyone who assaulted any of the family principles or values, and we seek The report was examined and referred for investigation, and the dancer, Fifi Abdo, was brought to trial.

The author added that it was not the first time that Fifi Abdo was attacked by the pioneers of the communication sites, as Fifi Abdo was severely attacked after her appearance from the roof, as she danced to the song of the night places, sung by Amr Diab.

Fifi Abdo appeared in the video, wearing hot short jeans, a black top and some accessories, and that the dancer posted a video on her personal account on Facebook, and commented: “Good evening with the best sunset,” and danced on it to the song of Amr Diab’s nightlife, and a video of Fifi Abdo was found. A case of irony and negative comments, where some of the comments came as follows: “People are growing up wise and not crazy, and every time I see you, you bounce like this, the heels of my feet and my back hurt me.. O Sheikh, you are for God.”

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