Karim Fouad: I have a passion for participating mainly in Al-Ahly .. and I am good at playing in 5 positions


Karim Fouad, the back of Ayman Al-Ahly, explained that the red fans were standing next to him during his presence in Enppi, which is what pleased him because the audience was a great support for him throughout the last period, indicating that he is good at playing in the positions of the right and left back, the right and left wing, and in the friendly Al-Ghaba he played in the middle of the field.

In statements to Al-Ahly channel, he said: “Saad Samir is the first player to receive me in Al-Ahly’s dressing room.

Regarding Musimani’s instructions to him, Fouad confirmed: “Mousimani said play your ball without pressure and prepare ourselves in order to prepare for the next stage, stressing: “The issue is a challenge, and like friendly matches, official matches will also be.”

And he added: “Syed Abdel Hafeez was talking to me about the necessity of patience and not giving up, and the opportunity will come and you have to stick to it, and my favorite position is the right or left back.

He stressed: “I hurry to participate with Al-Ahly, and I have the passion to have a role with the Red Team, the basic participation, and my ambitions are to win all the championships, and the championship closest to Al-Ahly is the African Super and achieve something greater in the Club World Cup than we achieved last season.”

He added: “Everyone in my house is fans of Al-Ahly and fanatics, and for them they wished for my presence with Al-Ahly. The final of the century in the 2020 edition is the most enjoyable in Al-Ahly’s history, and the moment of Afshas goal I celebrated and blessed him for the goal and the happiness of all the red fans.”

And he concluded his message to Al-Ahly fans: “I promise you to take out all my efforts and not be stingy with a point of sweat in order to help the team and achieve all the championships we compete for.”


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