Khaled Youssef: The most beautiful scenes of June 30 have not yet been shown… and prepare to direct a film about the championships of the armed forces | news


Director Khaled Youssef spoke about his experience documenting the events of the June 30 revolution.

Khaled Youssef revealed in his interview with the journalist Amr Adib on the “Al-Hekaya” program on MBC Egypt, that the most beautiful scenes that he documented in the revolution have not yet been shown.

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He explained that the idea of ​​documenting historical events is very important, especially as he learned from the experience of director Youssef Chahine, who was very saddened by his inability to document the October 1973 war, and only filmed documentary scenes in October 1974, which are used so far.

Khaled Youssef said that he was on a plane belonging to the moral affairs of the armed forces, touring all over Egypt on flights on June 30, 2013, in order to film for himself the scenes of the demonstrators against the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, noting that he was impressed by what he saw on the plane trip over the Delta region, where See villages with their entire populations went out to the streets with the flags of Egypt.

He added that he merged during the filming of Tahrir Square, as he was suffering from the effect of the laser used by the demonstrators on the camera and blurring the image, and he was asking officials to try to advise the demonstrators to stop using the laser, which made his companions laugh because he thought he was making a movie scene.

Khaled Youssef touched on his future works, saying that he had contracted to present a film about the championships of the armed forces and a series on the history of Andalusia, which he begins to prepare for after the completion of his new movie “Welcome to Paris”, which is being filmed between France, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Egypt, referring to
The events revolve around 3 girls who are imprisoned in France, and serious charges are brought against them, and they begin to try to prove their innocence.

Youssef confirmed that his experience of living outside Egypt exposed him to meeting Europeans who embrace the extremist ISIS ideology, noting that the easiest idea that can be spread among young people is extreme infidelity or extremism to the maximum degree.

Khaled Youssef concluded his statements, stressing his retirement from political work and his preoccupation with art in the coming period, without stopping to announce his opinions and ideas about social justice and national issues.

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