Laila Taher made her first appearance after retiring… with a crutch – in the photo


The retired Egyptian actress, Laila Taher, was keen to attend the closing ceremony of the Theater Syndicate Festival, to be her first appearance with the crutch after announcing her decision to retire, and Egyptian actor Ihab Fahmy supported her to go up the stairs.
Laila Taher shocked her fans by announcing the news of her permanent retirement from art.
Taher attributed her decision to her exclusion over the past years from participating in artistic works, stressing that the reason for her retirement is that she respects herself and her audience, and that she does not work just to get money, although many works are offered to her, but it does not suit her and does not want to participate. In works for the mere presence, it is sufficient for what you have provided of history.
During a telephone interview with the “Cairo Talk” program, the Egyptian actress pointed out that her return from her decision is a difficult step, noting that she decided to devote herself to her family, and spend the rest of her life accompanied by friends from outside the artistic community.


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