Learn about the 10 best-selling cars globally during the first quarter of 2021


The ranking of the best-selling cars during the first quarter of this year 2021, in different categories, varied between sedan, SUV, and pickup, despite the continuation of the “Covid-19” pandemic, in addition to the emergence of the problem of a shortage of semiconductors and chips used in managing engines and driver assistance systems. However, competition between international companies has become tangibly clear, and everyone stands out in providing the best models to consumers of all kinds.

As for the highest sales of trucks during the first quarter of this year 2021, “pickup trucks” occupied the first positions in sales during these first three months of 2021, followed by “SUVs”, then “crossovers” and then sedans during the ranking of the best-selling cars according to For Car and Driver magazine.

The Ford pickup truck WithFor first place with total sales of 203,797 trucks.

As for In second place came the truck “Dodge Ram” to overthrow the Chevrolet Silverado, After selling 148,836 copies of it, Ram sales increased during the first quarter by 16%, and the fifth generation was introduced in 2019, and the 2021 models came with new choices in the truck’s towing group.

The pick-up truck “Chevrolet – Silverado” came In third place with total sales of 124,704 copies.

As for the Toyota RAV4, it ranked fourth after selling 114,255 copies .

In fifth place came Honda Crossover sales of 93,766 cars.

And “Nissan Rogue” came in sixth place after its sales amounted to 86,720 cars, which is known as “Nissan X-Trail” in some countries.

As for the Toyota Camry, it ranked seventh, with sales estimated at 78,151 cars.

As for the Toyota Corolla, it ranked eighth globally, with sales of 72,520 cars .

As for “Toyota Tacoma”, it came in ninth place, with total sales estimated at 66,449 cars.

In tenth place came the “Ford Explorer” with sales of 65,244 cars.


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