Mai Omar is the most influential on social media in 2021


crossed the artist May Omar She expressed her great happiness to be ranked among the list of the most influential people on social media for the year 2021.

Mai Omar – Photo from her Instagram account

Mai Omar published a picture of her on her Instagram account, and commented: I am happy to be on the list of the most influential people on social media for the year 2021… Thank you for your support and love.

According to the list published by Mai Omar’s account, the list of Arab celebrities most influential on the social media was topped by the star Nancy Ajram, and the star Muhammad Ramadan came second, and the third place went to the artist Donia Samir Ghanem, the fourth to the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe, and the fifth to the singer Tamer Hosni, and Mai Omar came in the third place and followed by it The star Mohamed Hamaki and after him Elisa.

Mai Omar had previously revealed that she had suffered for two whole weeks from a sudden illness, which she contracted while she was outside Egypt, and as a result she underwent many tests, and he was asked to return quickly to Cairo to receive treatment by one of the private clinics on the North Coast, stressing that the pain seemed to gradually decrease. . Mai Omar published a picture in front of a health care center on the North Coast, where she received treatment, and commented on her Instagram account, saying: Two weeks ago, I suffered from a sudden illness that required more investigations, laboratories and tests, so that everyone around me kept asking me to return to Cairo However, I was very tired and sick.

She added: Thanks to specialized clinics, they provided me with the necessary medical care in the clinic and home visit consultations by highly qualified doctors, in addition to the laboratories and examinations that are carried out at home. Thank you for your quick support. You are certainly the best clinics and medical services in the coast .. Thank God I am much better Now I am recovering.

It is reported that Mai, at the time of her illness, was outside Egypt, accompanied by her husband, director Mohamed Sami, to celebrateShe obtained the golden residency in the UAE, and Mai was keen to thank the UAE, and published a picture of the city of Dubai through her account on the Instagram website and commented on it: Sincere thanks to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for granting me the golden residency in the United Arab Emirates. She continued, “A special thanks to the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority for its permanent support for artists and creators, may God protect the UAE government and people.”

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