“Malhaqi” .. The owner of the restaurant tells the details of his attempt to save a student from Mall S


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Thursday 16 September 2021

Books – Ramadan Younes:

For 30 minutes, M.M., the student, stayed inside a restaurant in City Stars Mall in Nasr City, before the restaurant owner, Mohamed M., was surprised by the girl’s climbing up a table and then throwing herself from the sixth floor without anyone knowing why she came to commit suicide: “Once One threw herself from above, and no one could catch up to her.”

In front of wide avenues on one of the floors of the crowded mall; The fifth year student at the Faculty of Dentistry used to frequent one of the famous cafes in the mall: “Every time you go up and down.”

90 minutes before closing of the store; The girl sat at a table in the restaurant alone: ​​“She entered me alone. It was 9:30 in the night.” The girl did not complete half an hour until she suddenly threw herself: “You could not talk on the phone, nor did she cry as people say.. This is all talk that is not true and no one was together at the time.” Muhammad, who failed to save the student, says it in telephone statements to Masrawy.

In a scene that did not complete the 50 seconds, the girl decided to end her life tragically. The student took advantage of the restaurant manager’s preoccupation with serving orders, and she pulled out a chair and climbed on top of the table and jumped: “I ran over to save her, but I don’t know… But she made this decision in a second and threw herself without anyone knowing why she committed suicide?”

Several attempts were made by one of the people in the mall plaza to save the girl, but to no avail: “She was between life and death, and they couldn’t help her in the hospital and she died.”

And the group of Ain Shams Dental Students Union mourned Ain Shams University “M.M.”, the student in the fifth year: “We ask God Almighty to bless her with his vast mercy, and we belong to God and to Him we shall return.”

“Masrawy” obtained a video revealing the scenes of the last moments in the life of M. M., a fifth year student at the Faculty of Dentistry, who committed suicide from the sixth floor of the City Stars Mall in Nasr City.

And it appears in the video – which Masrawy reserves to publish – that the girl climbed to the sixth floor and stood next to a barrier in preparation for the jump. Then she noticed that one of the workers was turning to her, so she stopped for a few seconds, then waited for him to turn from her and jumped from the top of the barrier to the ground.

According to the 50-second video, the restaurant worker tried, moments before the girl jumped, to catch up with her to prevent her from committing suicide, but she quickly jumped.

The incident caused panic and panic among mall-goers, which led to the imposition of a cordon around the girl’s body until the police came.

Investigations revealed that the girl was called “M. M.”, 23 years old, and she lives in the Al-Zohour neighborhood in Nasr City.

The prosecution authorized the autopsy of the deceased’s body to show the injuries and ordered it to be handed over to her family for burial. It also requested unloading the cameras in the vicinity of the accident to reveal its circumstances.

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