Marry me without a dowry: What is the truth about the campaign that topped social media and newspaper headlines?


The pioneers of social networking sites in a number of Arab countries are circulating the hashtag #Marry_Without_Dower, and Arab media are talking about what they say is a “campaign launched by Lebanese activists to solve the ‘spinsterhood’ crisis”, so what is the story of this hashtag?

What is the truth behind the #Marry me without a dowry campaign, and what is its relationship to Lebanon?

The hashtag topped the trend lists on Twitter in countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt, but it did not appear on the list of the most popular hashtags on Twitter in Lebanon.

Searching on Twitter shows the hashtag circulation day 29 August in Jordan in the tweets of men talking about “the campaign #Marry Me Without Dowry launched by young women to help young people get married.”

And the research on Facebook shows that the news started circulating in Algeria on 28 August and talks about a campaign for young Algerian women.

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