Menna Arafas husband threatens her former business manager: I’m sick, I will expose you and bring down everything that happened | news


Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, the husband of actress Menna Arafa, sent a warning message to her former business manager, after the differences that brought them together.

Mahmoud Al-Mahdi posted a video clip through the stories feature of his Instagram account, in which some people appear talking about numbers whose meaning is not clear.

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Al-Mahdi wrote, referring to the account of Amira Zayed, former business manager of Menna Arafa: “I am sick, I will expose you and bring down everything that happened, and the whole sitting is recorded.”

He added: “We said that you are not her business manager, and in a theft that took place and I got sick, I tell the details, and take down the needs, so please if I knew that you are a rule that sticks to me and speaks and is an oppressed worker, I will take down everything.”

Menna Arafas husband continued: “I am God-fearing, but I think that you will answer the biography of my wife again.

For her part, Princess Zayed received a question from a follow-up about the fact that she took over the official Menna Arafa page via Facebook, to use the Quranic verse: “O you who believe, if a wicked person comes to you with news, make it clear that you infect people out of ignorance, so that you will become regretful for what you have done.”

This comes after Menna Arafa went out in a live broadcast on August 19, and announced the accusation of her business manager of seizing her official Facebook page in conjunction with the company responsible for its management.

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