Microsoft to allow Xbox remote control via a TV device soon


Microsoft has begun testing the ability of TV remotes to navigate around the Xbox Dashboard as a new version of the Xbox Dashboard for Xbox Series S/X consoles is being tested with select Xbox Insiders, and it enables new HDMI-CEC features that allow controllers to Remotely in the regular TV by navigating around the Xbox dashboard and controlling broadcasting applications such as Netflix, according to The Verege.

While Xbox Series S/X consoles have some HDMI-CEC features for controlling TV volume or turning on TVs when your Xbox is on, these new additions mean you won’t have to reach for an Xbox console if you just want to watch content from Netflix, Twitch, YouTube, or many other streaming apps.

New HDMI-CEC features also include an option to enable your TV to switch the input to your Xbox simply by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.

You may already have a TV remote that can control your Xbox using IR commands, but adding an HDMI-CEC control should make the input conversion more reliable.

The new options can be found in the HDMI-CEC Settings pane of the Xbox dashboard, and are currently available to testers in the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Xbox Insider episodes. We expect to roll these new features to all Xbox Series S/X consoles in the coming months.

Microsoft is currently testing a new version of the Edge browser, the Xbox Night Mode feature, a higher resolution dashboard, and improved firmware and features for older Xbox One consoles.


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