Mirhan Hussein responds to critics of her “inappropriate” look


Actress Mirhan Hussein was keen to attend the special screening of the movie “My Bride”, which was held in a major hotel in Cairo.

Mirhan appeared at a length that was not well received by her audience, as she appeared wearing a colorful jumpsuit that was not suitable for evening parties.

Mirhan responded to these criticisms in her statements on the red carpet, that she did not count the attendance of the show, and therefore she wore the fastest clothes that could be worn to attend quickly.

The artist, Ahmed Hatem, also sparked controversy after he was absent from the special screening of the film, but he confirmed that the reason for not attending was his presence in Dubai, in a conversation between him and Jamila Awad and the film’s heroes via “Video Call”.

The movie “My Bride” directed by Muhammad Bakir, written by Mustafa Al-Barbari, and in addition to Ahmed Hatem and Jamila Awad, co-starring Sabreen, Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi, Faten Wasel, Zainab Gharib, Marwan Younes and Nada Akram, and a number of guests of honor. The film’s internal distribution is “Synergy Film”. .


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