Miss Egypt to “Masrawy”: “The title is not in the form… and my mother is tired of it


01:00 pm

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Written by: Shaima Morsi

Report: Amira Helmy

Nadine El-Gayar, Miss Egypt 2021, said that she did not expect to win the title, expressing her happiness at winning the competition held on Monday evening in a hotel in New Cairo.

Nadine El-Gayar succeeded in capturing the title of Miss Egypt for the year 2021, outperforming the girls who applied for the competition, and were eliminated during the various stages of the competition, and received the crown from Nesma Atallah, Miss Egypt last year, during the closing ceremony of the competition.

During her first meeting with her after winning the title, Nadine revealed in a live broadcast on the “Masrawy” page on “Facebook”, the motives for submitting her to the competition, that she is a social and educated person, in addition to her beauty.

She explained that she is 22 years old and grew up in the city of Mansoura, and is studying in the fifth grade at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the Future Private University, pointing out that her parents have always supported her, as she said: “Papa and Mama are tired of me, especially Mama, who was helping me during a period of time.” Preparations for the competition.

Nadine believes that the title of Miss Egypt is a social and aesthetic title, and a girl can not obtain it based on appearance and appearance only, but also behavior and commitment, noting that what she has benefited most throughout the months of the competition is commitment and acceptance of the other opinion.


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