Mohamed Abdel Ghani participates in Zamalek training and reveals his position on Pyramids


Mohamed Abdel-Ghani, the defender of Zamalek club, participated in the training of the white team, today, Friday, and the player was surprised by the news of his transfer to the Pyramids Club, to return to inquire from the officials to assure him that nothing new happened in this file, as there was no agreement between the two clubs on this matter, as it is reported in last hours.

was “the seventh dayIn the past few days, he was alone in the details of the negotiations that took place between Zamalek and Pyramids over the deal, with the mediators offering to move Abdel Ghani to Pyramids in exchange for Ahmed Ayman Mansour’s transfer to Zamalek, and Pyramids paid seven million pounds to Zamalek, but the matter was postponed and the final decision on both sides was not resolved, according to As confirmed by a source close to the player, he is continuing his contract with Zamalek.

Abdel-Ghani refuses to take any step regarding his future except through the management of the Zamalek Club, where he stressed that his first desire is to stay inside the White Castle with solving the crisis of development fees in his contract or increasing it by one and a half million pounds. His club’s approval of his transfer to Pyramids will abide by the decision of the White Club’s management, but he has not yet received any notification from his club or his business agents about the existence of any developments in this file.


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