Moody Al-Imam: I love festival songs, and when they first appeared with Hussein, they attacked us (video) | news


Musician Moody Al-Imam revealed the time it took to prepare the music for the movie “Al-Mans wa Al-Nims” by Muhammad Henedy, and said that it took two months.

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The imam said in an interview with the media, Sherine Hamdi, on the “On Set” program, “There is no specific time frame for the music of the films, meaning the movie Al-Mans and Al-Nims, and because it was directed by Sherif Arafa, and he loves music and dreams of it, and knows the role of music, his musical liking, and he sings sweetly.”

Moody Al-Imam added, “A long time ago, before using digital technology, we used to go to the Moviola room, which is a machine like a table, with sound tape tapes, picture tapes, sound effects, and a small screen. So, I, the director, and the editor sat and took notes. I had a small notebook, a pen, a stopwatch, and I wrote notes.”

And he continued, “After that, the movie was on tape, and then the movie continued to come and sit like a editor. One of the programs that we use is a program that plays on it. I see the picture, and this took me back to the days of silent cinema because there was music in it and it was playing in the cinemas during the presentation of the film.”

And about the works closest to his heart, he said, “They are all my children and the truth of every artist will remain that way, but the memory will remain in the circumstances and the companionship with the work, like the song “In the Heart of the Night” and my distribution of the song “Jifna Alam Al Ghazal.” We were in a studio that Muhammad Abu Al-Saad worked with with his partner Ibrahim Emad, who are sound engineers, is one of the most wonderful things possible, and the studio has turned into a forum, and the whole architecture has turned into living artists like Ali Al-Hajjar, Omar Khairat, Khaled Hammad, poet Essam Abdullah, musician Yasser Abdel Rahman, and everyone attends the recording.”

Regarding festival songs, he said, “My personal opinion is that if I heard it and liked it, it would happen with festivals because they focus on rhythm and have a festive atmosphere, but the issue is raised in the media and social media as if there is a problem.”

He continued, “A time when Hussein and I started attacking us and someone wrote in a famous magazine, they must be arrested because of the song “and his money”, and I don’t know what the problem is with it. His opinion was just too much.”

Regarding his upcoming works, he made it clear that he wanted to give concerts, and had already spoken with Maestro Nader Abbas.

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