Mufti of the Republic: Imam Al-Laith bin Saad’s income exceeded 18 million pounds per month, and he did not have to pay zakat


Dr. Shawqi Allam, Mufti of the Republic, said that Imam Al-Laith bin Saad represented the value of national giving, and he had a flowing tender and a commendable effort in consolidating and supporting peaceful coexistence.

And he continued, during his meeting with the journalist Hamdi Rizk, on the “Nazra” program, broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel, that the investigators stated that the monthly income of Imam Al-Layth bin Saad was very large, close to our contemporary accounts of 18 million pounds per month, and he was never obligated to zakat, as he was spending All his money is given to the poor, following the example of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, in his generosity of giving.

The Grand Mufti of the Republic added that in addition to the material giving of Imam Al-Layth bin Saad, he had a clear and tangible tender in the opinions founding coexistence and respect for the other; Abu Omar Al-Kindi mentioned in the book “The Governors and Judges”: that Musa bin Isa, the governor of Egypt during the era of Caliph Harun Al-Rashid, gave permission for the Christians to build the churches that were demolished, so they were all built on the advice of Al-Laith bin Saad and Abdullah bin Lahi’ah – who are the most knowledgeable, the people of Egypt at their time – And they said: It is from the country’s architecture, and they argued that the general churches in Egypt were not built except in Islam at the time of the Companions and the Followers.

The Mufti explained that Imam Al-Layth bin Saad – may God have mercy on him – is considered one of the most prominent jurists of Egypt throughout the ages, and the investigators call him the jurist of Egypt, and he deserves this title of high esteem for the abundance of his knowledge, and he lived in the second century AH and contemporary to Imam Malik, may God be pleased with him, and it was said that he surpassed In his knowledge and jurisprudence, Imam Malik bin Anas, but his students did not write down his knowledge and jurisprudence and spread it in the horizons, as did the students of Imam Malik, and Imam Shafi’i used to say: “Al-Layth is more knowledgeable than Malik except that his companions did not do it.”

He added: We support and bless the calls for modern scholars and researchers to compile the jurisprudence, opinions and narratives of Imam Al-Layth bin Saad from the wombs of books and assets, as he is a source of pride for the Egyptians; Due to his eminence and jurisprudence, as well as his closeness to the Prophet’s era and the era of the noble Companions.

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