Musimani bids farewell to his family after the end of his vacation: Thanks for the continuous support.. I will miss you and see you soon


south african face Bitso MusimaniThe technical director of Al-Ahly Club sent a message to his family after the end of the vacation he spent with them in South Africa and expressed his lack of them during the coming period. For my continued support and unconditional love.. I will miss you guys, see you soon.”

Musimani on Twitter
Musimani on Twitter

Yesterday, Tuesday dawn, South African Betso Musimani, the technical director of Al-Ahly Club, returned to Cairo from his country after the vacation he spent there in preparation for the leadership of the Red Genie in the preparatory period for the new season, which starts today, Wednesday, at Mukhtar Al-Teach Stadium..

Musimani with his family
Musimani with his family

South African Betso Musimani, Al-Ahly club’s technical director, spoke about those calling for his dismissal from training the Red Genie after losing the Egyptian League title last season against Zamalek. Al-Ahly coach said in statements to the program “Sports Night Live” The South African, “Well, if they want to send Pitsu off, because he lost 4 in 52 matches, then so be it.”

Musimani added, “I feel this loss well, I hate it, you know me, everyone knows me in South Africa, when I lose, you have to follow my press conferences after the matches, you will know that I am a completely different person after the loss.”

And Pizzo continued, “Who likes to lose? I’m not that kind of coach who is calm after a loss, I’ll come back right away in order to analyze what happened because I don’t like losing.”“.

Al-Ahly coach confirmed, “I feel very angry about any loss, I go home and look at the match immediately, what happened that night, and there will certainly be a message for all the players because I cannot bear the loss, the loss has no place for me.”


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