Nelly Karim cries because of a ballerinas message, and reveals the urbanization to turn “100 Wush” into a movie


The artist, Nelly Karim, could not control herself from crying, after seeing the message of Armina Kamel, a ballerina, during her praise for her role in the ballerina. And, oh, the art of ballet is beautiful and refined, and it taught me a lot of things.”

She added, during her meeting with the “Youm Lake” program, via Al-Hayat channel, with the media, Samar Yousra, commenting on the songs of the festivals: “I love art and talented people at all levels, and life accommodates every need.”

And Nelly Karim continued: “Every artist, the audience, listens to him according to his occupation, and some personal actions that appear on the media have discussions that occur, and this is the tax of fame.”

The artist, Nelly Karim, presented a festival song with the “Artillery” group during the program’s episode.

And she continued: “My job helped me in my life, and for me, I do a need with her love, which I shortened to sit with my children for a sufficient period, a lot of women now work.”

She pointed out that the “B100 Wush” series will be a cinema movie, and preparations are underway, explaining that the series is the best and most successful, but “for the highest price” was successful, as well as “against breakage.”And she continued, in response to a question about her behavior in the event of someone being uncomfortable with her in the lift, saying: “It is not important, comfortable, but it smells good,” noting that she can play the role of a night girl, adding: “If there is an Israeli person in one of the works, before any A foreign job or something else. People will ask who? And they will ask.”

She stated that if they chose her to present a film by the artist Hind Rostom, she said that she would present her role in the movie “Rumor of Love”, and indicated that she is good at cooking, commenting: “I know how to make a Russian salad and herring with beets.”


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