“Noor” received a gift from her friend and found “magic and talismans” in it: I used to see myself with the dead


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The term “treachery of the companions” may have occurred to you during the past few days, after discovering many murders that were left behind by a close friend, who became an enemy plotting and executing his crime against his friend.

Perhaps the matter did not stop only with the killing, as the psychological and moral harm had a share of the treachery plans, in which the friend tried to destroy the life of her close friend, in a diabolical way, by using Magic.

A talisman of death, “stopping the situation” and illness, which one of the girls tucked into her victim friend, Nora Ezz, 25, inside a gift she gave her at the time of her engagement, turned her life upside down.

I saw signs and talismans on my feet

Six years of illness and psychological fatigue, lived by Nour, the daughter of the governorate of Alexandria, who did not know the reasons for her, the doctors were unable to diagnose what she was feeling. Fatigue took hold of her body, and bleeding did not leave her, until her body became thin, her face pale, and depression accompanies her in every time and place. .

Horrific nightmares recounted by the girl, who studied journalism and media arts, sees herself in her nightmares sitting with the dead, and her family members appear in the form of “dogs” as she described them, without knowing why she feels or lives.

“Six years ago, I got engaged and broke up for no reason, but I went through a lot of fatigue, signs on my body that looked like hieroglyphsConstant fatigue, my hair was falling out, and there were boils and blood, my hands were swollen and my body was tired, the doctors did not have an explanation in any x-rays or analyzes, and I did not realize what was happening.”

Perhaps the increase in problems was a reason for the girl to turn to a sheikh: “Psychological fatigue and problems increased, I had obsessive-compulsive disorder, I dreamed of bad needs and I saw my parents dogs in them, to the point that I went to the psychiatric doctors and there is no solution, and the doctor asked me to go to a sheikh.”

I found the talismans in the gift.. and when I confronted her, she told me this is a veil

The girl’s visits to the sheikhs to treat her with the legal ruqyah eventually came to discovering magic, according to what she said, confirming his presence in her house, which the girl was unable to find or find: Jaiphali is my friend.

Fear and terror overwhelmed the girl, according to what she told “Hun,” which prompted her to ask one of the sheikhs, who confirmed that he was actually magic: “I confronted her.

Sessions of Quran therapy were a reason to treat “Mena” in the end: “After 6 tired years, thank God, when we found him, I was able to get treatment with the Quran and my life started to be better.”

The fatwa determines the symptoms of magic, touch and envy

Dr. Mahmoud Shalaby, Secretary of the Fatwa at Dar Al Iftaa, had confirmed in a previous live broadcast that God Almighty mentioned envy and witchcraft in his book, explaining that envy and witchcraft are a affliction from God or a test, explaining that the affliction is for the obedient servant who God wants to test his patience and faith, And that the affliction is due to the sins of the servant and his shortcomings, so that God may atone for the affliction for them, based on the Almighty’s saying: “We will test you with evil and good as a trial, and to Us you will be returned.”

The fatwa identified several symptoms, and if a person appears, he must go for treatment, and they are as follows:

– mobile headache

Yellowish in the face

– Excessive sweating and urination

– poor appetite

– Numbness, heat or cold in the extremities.

Heart palpitations

Sadness and tightness in the chest

– Pain in the lower back and shoulders

Insomnia at night

Severe outbursts of abnormal fear and anger.

Lots of burping and sighing

– love solitude

– lethargy and laziness

– Desire to sleep

Other health problems that have no medical or organic cause.

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