Obama: Mustafa Fathi’s return is an “addition” to Zamalek… and El-Badry is the reason for my exclusion from the national teams


Youssef Obama, a player for the Zamalek team, said, “Winning the league championship last season will not be the last, and we will continue to win championships, and the response will soon be on the field and crowning the Egypt Cup.”

Obama confirmed, in televised statements, that his first desire is to continue and stay with Zamalek for as long as possible, and said: “I love to play in Zamalek under any circumstance or pressure, and he was criticized by the closest people at the time of the contract renewal, and some accused me of procrastinating and evading, but this matter is not correct”.

Obama revealed that the return of Mustafa Fathi is a more than wonderful decision that will benefit Zamalek greatly in the next season; Because he is a great addition to any team he plays in, as well as Unajem is a very rigid player with great experience, and his presence with us next season will benefit the team.”

Obama spoke about not including him in the national team, stressing that he has respect and appreciation for Hossam El-Badri, the former coach of the Pharaohs, despite his frequent exclusion, and love and hate do not exist in football from the ground up, and I do not know the reason for my exclusion.

The Zamalek player concluded: “It is not new for Al-Badri not to join the team, and I will not forget what he did before and my exclusion from the Olympic team when he was in charge at the time, despite my brilliance.”


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