Oxford: Smokers are 80% more likely to be hospitalized if they have coronavirus


A new study conducted by the British University of Oxford revealed that smokers who contract corona are 80% more likely to be hospitalized compared to non-smokers, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

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The new study, which was based on more than 420,000 patients with corona, found that smokers are more likely to become seriously ill if they become infected, however, it did not look at whether smokers were less likely to test positive in the first place.

The results of the study showed that out of nearly 14,000 smokers, there were 51 hospitalizations after contracting corona. This was equivalent to one in every 270 hospitalized.

There have also been up to 36 deaths, equivalent to one in every 384 deaths from the virus.

For comparison, of the 250,000 non-smokers, 440 were hospitalized, which equates to approximately 1 in 600.

The researchers added that there are 159 more deaths due to Covid, which is equivalent to one death out of every 1666 deaths.


Show more analysis, published in the journal Thorax , has a gradient effect on risk, and provides further evidence that smoking does increase the risk of serious disease.

Light smokers – who smoked up to nine cigarettes a day – were more likely to die from the virus than non-smokers.

Moderate smokers – those who drink 10 to 19 cigarettes a day – were five times more likely to contract the virus.

Heavy smokers – classified as puffing more than 20 cigarettes per day – were also six times more likely to die.

Dr. Ashley Clift, the principal investigator, said: “Our results suggest that smoking is associated with acute risk of contracting COVID-19…just as smoking affects the risk of heart disease, various cancers and all those other conditions that we know smoking is associated with, it appears to be the same for COVID-19. .”

“Now may be as good a time as ever to quit cigarettes and smoking,” she added.


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