Pjanic tells Koeman’s “farces” in Barcelona: I saw the ugliest things with him!


Fiery statements from the Bosnian star ..

Once out of Barcelona, ​​Miralem Pjanic opened fire on his former coach Ronald Koeman, accusing him of not respecting him or even confronting him with the reasons for his constant exclusion.

Pjanic had come out of Coman’s hell and headed to the Turkish League, specifically to Besiktas for a year on loan with no option to buy.

From the first moment that Pjanic arrived in Barcelona and Koman came to train the Catalans, the Bosnian was completely out of his calculations and participated only a little, despite having a place in the starting lineup.

What did Pjanic say about Koeman?

Pjanic’s fiery comments began, “I couldn’t accept the situation I went through last year, it was clear to me that I don’t want that, I’m a football player I always like to play a lot and that makes me happy.”

He also added, “I wanted this challenge (moving to Barcelona) and I believed that this was the right time for him, but I found myself in front of a coach I do not understand, the truth until now I still do not understand what exactly he wants from me! He did not try to explain anything to me.”

“Every season you need 17 or 18 players to win trophies, but for Koeman it was different, it was a very strange way of communicating between him and me, it’s the first time something like this happened to me.”

“I think I have a good relationship with all the coaches I’ve worked with, I’ve never had problems in any team, I don’t know what happened in Barcelona, ​​Koeman doesn’t want responsibility and doesn’t want confrontation because he doesn’t know how to manage it.”

Pjanic continued his fiery speech, “As a player, you need to trust and talk and tell various decisions, but that has never happened to me at Barcelona.” Then, when asked if Koeman had insulted him, he said, “Yes, absolutely.”

“He wasn’t coming to watch the bench training, for me that’s disrespect, it’s the most ugly thing for me, it wasn’t easy for those of us who don’t play, for me I found another way to fight and play now.”

What does Pjanic think of his marginalization for tactical reasons?

“It’s the question that everyone asks me, everyone wants to know the reason for what happened to me, I also want to know!”

“I was ready to play in any position, but he didn’t tell me what he wanted from me, I didn’t have a clear position, I worked well but he didn’t look at me from the start.”

“I played all the Champions League matches, we won 2-0 in Turin and then I was left out of La Liga, so it’s very difficult to understand what this coach wants from you. I asked why that happened to me? Maybe he wants something else from me, communication is important for the good of the team, but he replied.” It’s just a rotation!”

“He didn’t have any confrontation with me, nothing bad happened between us, not in training or individually, I have no explanation for what happened, I would have liked him to tell me in my face that he didn’t want me, really it’s complicated for me.”

Will Pjanic return to Barcelona after Besiktas?

Pjanic did not close the door in the face of returning to Barcelona, ​​where he said, “I have a contract, he has always spoken positively about the club and I wanted to play there, my problem was only with the coach.”

He continued, “I do not regret going to Barcelona, ​​​​I struggled all my life and career, I am very ambitious and love to compete, I reached the level of Juventus and Barcelona in the end.”

“I know that I can play in Barcelona, ​​they did not give me the opportunity to compete, to join a group or to help more.”

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