President of the Stars: I will demand compensation from FIFA for the damages


12:17 AM

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Books – Ibrahim Ali

Mohamed Al-Taweelah, president of Al-Nujoom Club, confirmed that he had filed a complaint against the International Football Association “FIFA”, indicating that he would demand compensation for what he caused in Egyptian football.

Al-Taweelah said in statements on the “Awad Al-Labs” program on Al-Nahar TV: “I filed a complaint against FIFA because of the committees that I decided to appoint to manage the Egyptian football, and I will demand compensation of one billion pounds from FIFA because of the damage it caused in Egyptian football.”

He added: “FIFA issued a decision to appoint a guardianship committee to manage the Football Association until the elections are held, and FIFA has the right to appoint a guardianship committee, but only in one case, which is an irreversible collapse.”

And the president of the stars continued: “The Executive Director of the Football Association Tharwat Swailem was not invited to attend the meeting to form the committee responsible for managing the federation, and those who attended the meeting only Ashraf Sobhi and Hani Abu Rida without any capacity, and we demanded the inauguration of Tharwat Swailem as president of the Football Association until the elections are held.”

Al-Taweelah concluded: “The Normalization Committee did not end the Egyptian football crises within two months in order for them to continue and not to hold elections, and took advantage of the Corona epidemic to not hold the Football Association elections.”


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