Reasons for the increase in the divorce rate in Egypt


The Mobilization and Statistics Authority presented a report explaining the unprecedented increase in the divorce rate in Egypt at this time

There are many reasons for divorce at this time due to the interference of parents, as there are divorce cases between 28 and 32% caused by the fact that the husband is “his mother’s son” and that she controls all matters of his life and is submissive to her, or that he is a son of his brothers, girls sometimes replace the mother.

Among the well-known causes are marital infidelity, lack of understanding and lack of dialogue, and the financial distress of some husbands that prevent the husband from fulfilling family duties, and this is the strongest reason for which many cases of divorce are requested; where the courts attest; Because of the lack of alimony and the lack of housing, and the failure to provide for many of the special needs of the family, without which it is impossible to continue life.

Some believed that social networking sites were one of the reasons for the spread of divorce in Egypt, as it helped to create a gap between the spouses because each of them was busy communicating with his friends, so the language of dialogue between them became non-existent, and thus the misunderstanding that led to the divorce increased, and as for the reason for the delay in marriage, Asmaa Gharib was more likely. It is due to the increase in divorce rates in Egypt, which made young people refrain from thinking about marriage.

However, at this time, women began to ask for divorce for strange reasons, including the spray that came out of his mouth, and she was unable to resolve the matter amicably with her husband and refused to divorce, so she died forcibly after a month of marriage.

Many psychiatrists pointed out the necessity of psychological examination for those who are about to marry, as there is a percentage of psychological diseases inherited from the father and mother and may be inherited by the children without the fathers knowing, so a psychological analysis must be conducted before marriage.


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