Ronaldo returns the favor to those who helped him (video)


Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United striker, announced that he renovated his childhood stadium, which began his first steps on the road to stardom, to give back to the community that gave him so much.

Ronaldo published the “Madeira missile”, a video clip on his page in the “Instagram” application, and attached it to a “blog”, in which he stated: “Quinta do Falcão Stadium in Funchal is the place where I spent hours when I was a child kicking the football against the wall, where I set my goal.” The first. I’m glad that with nikefootball, we’ve restored the stadium and found a way to give back to the community that has given me so much since I was young.”

The Portuguese star added: “Never stop chasing your dreams!”

Funchal is a Portuguese city and the capital of an autonomous region of the islands of Madeira. The city is located in the southeastern part of the island of Madeira. The origin of these islands is the result of volcanic activity that began about 19 million years ago, Porto Santo 8 million years ago, and Madeira 5 million years ago.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his great attachment and love for his country and his birthplace, the island of Madeira, and the “Don” was keen that his eldest son, Cristiano Jr., learn about the conditions in which his father lived during his childhood, and when he was a teenager before he became rich and a big star, headlines around the world.

Ronaldo and Cristiano Jr., on a trip to his hometown, the island of Madeira, in order for his son to learn about his past.

Speaking to Portuguese channel TVI, the Portuguese star said: “My children have never lived in the same conditions that I lived in before, but I started to rely on myself since I was 12 years old, and I left my hometown of Madeira and moved to Lisbon to try my luck with a ball. I lived these days with my good friend Miguel Maccho in the same modest residence.

The Portuguese national team’s historical scorer added: “I was eager for my son to see how and where I lived my childhood and my beginnings as a football player. It was great that I saw the same people still present. I did not expect this, as things have not changed, I was greatly affected by that.”

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Ronaldo continued, “When I entered the room with my son in which I lived, he turned to me and asked me, amazed, my father, did you live here? He did not believe it.”

One of the best players in the world explained: “They think that everything is easy in this world. The quality of life, houses, cars, clothes… things fall from the sky, so I wanted to teach my son a lesson. I want him to know that only talent is not enough to succeed. It is necessary to work hard, endure difficult days, and always have confidence in the ability to reach the goals he wants.”

Ronaldo also once, in an interview with the British “ITV” channel, recounted another aspect of the difficulties he faced during his childhood with his colleagues at the Sporting Club Academy of Lisbon.

Ronaldo said: “When I was 11-12 years old, my family had no money. I used to live with players my age from other parts of Portugal, and I would see my family once every three months.”

He added: “I remember that we usually wanted to eat late at night. There was a (McDonald’s) restaurant near the stadium, we would knock on its door and ask for the remaining food from the staff who never refused our request. There was a lady named Edna and two other girls who were bringing us Some hamburgers on a regular basis.

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The Portuguese star pointed out that “I never found them after that, although I searched and asked people about them in Portugal.”

Ronaldo expressed his gratitude for that help, and that he finally planned to find her family, saying: “I hope this helps me find them, I want to invite them to dinner in Turin or Lisbon and give them what they gave me, I never forget.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, 36, began leaving the island of Madeira at the age of 12, to join the ranks of the buds in Sporting Lisbon in 1997, and was included in the youth and youth teams, before being promoted to the first team in 2002, and he moved from it a year later to Manchester United, and then to Real Madrid In the year 2009, and then to Italian Juventus in the summer of 2018, before returning to Manchester United, in the current summer Mercato.

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