Ronaldos best-selling shirt in history


Ronaldo's best-selling shirt in history



Although Manchester United has not admitted that the inclusion of Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, is an economic move to benefit from the popularity of the famous player, the numbers reveal the truth of the matter.

That is why the English club does not want to announce the economic impact of the “Don” in the sale of his products, especially his shirt number “7”, which was and still is a brand registered in the name of the player Ronaldo, wherever he is.

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Cristiano Ronaldo shirt enters the history of the English Premier League

Manchester United confirms that the Ronaldo deal, for which he paid 15 million euros (plus 8 million in variables), was a purely sporting goal, despite its strong economic impact on the team.

And the company that sells shirts “Fanatic”, after announcing the signing of Manchester United with Ronaldo, confirmed that the Don No. 7 shirt was the best-selling shirt in history, exceeding the sales of shirts of several stars, such as the Argentine shirt Lionel Messi, after joining Paris Saint-Germain.

Although Ronaldo inspires and delights the fans a lot, as happened in his first appearance, as the fans chanted his name from the beginning to the end of the match, the Manchester United administration wants to translate this happiness on the field only.

Manchester United, which is one of the most valuable clubs in the world, suffered a decrease in its revenues, like the rest of the sports clubs in the world, by 18% until June 30, 2020, affected, in particular, by the decline in television broadcasting rights by 42%.

Source: “Agency”


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