Russia develops a device that detects “Covid-19” in 27 minutes


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The specialists of the Russian Biomedical Agency have developed a device that is able, within 27 minutes, with a high degree of accuracy, to detect the presence of the Corona virus in humans.

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WHO refers to the ability of a strain

“Now in one of the agency’s institutions, namely at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Medicine of the Russian Agency for Biological Medicine, a device has been developed to determine the presence of viral antigen, which is based on the method of isothermal amplification. The diagnostic system determines the presence of antigen with a high degree of certainty within 27 minutes.”

Kryuchko pointed out that the diagnostic system that was devised to identify the “SARS-Cove-2” (Corona) virus will be able, with some improvements, to detect other antigens.

Source: RIA Novosti


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