Salma Hayek in a romantic photo with her husband on a cruise: “Proud of Francois-Henri”


International star Salma Hayek is constantly sharing her fans with her artistic events and trips with her husband and friends, and at the beginning of this September, Salma Hayek shared many pictures in which she celebrated her birthday in the middle of the water, and Salma Hayek was keen to share new pictures that she collects with her husband.

Salma Hayek on Instagram
Salma Hayek on Instagram

Actress Salma Hayek published a romantic photo of her husband, a businessman and billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, on her account on the “Instagram” website.

Salma Hayek and her husband
Salma Hayek and her husband

At the beginning of this month, international actress and star Salma Hayek celebrated her 55th birthday, as she appeared in a swimsuit in the middle of the sea, stressing that she is looking forward to new adventures in her life.

International star Salma Hayek topped the cover of Vogue magazine in its Indian version, coinciding with the approaching release of her new movie “”Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard In the Indian cinemas, where Salma interviewed the magazine about her role in the film, she also talked about some details of her personal life and how she spent the quarantine period during the spread of the Corona virus in the world.

Salma published her photo session with the international magazine in its Indian version through her personal account on the “Instagram” website, and commented on her, “I am very excited to be on the cover of vogue India! This number will be on newsstands. You can also watch my movie Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard in theaters in India.


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