Samira Said: She underwent many plastic surgeries – video | news


Actress Samira Said admitted that she underwent many plastic surgeries during her stay as a guest on the “Abla Fahita” program.

Samira Saeed did not reveal the places where she performed the operations, and indicated that the highest weight she had reached was 55 kilos.

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Samira Said recounted an embarrassing situation she was exposed to before appearing on the stage at the Baalbek Festival years ago, which was the interruption of the zipper of the dress before her appearance on the stage, but the situation was corrected.

During Samira Saeed’s segment with the doll “Caro”, she said that the highest heels she wore reached 25 cm.

It is noteworthy that Samira Said recently released a song entitled “Mon Cheri” bearing the character and atmosphere of the seventies and includes words in Arabic and French, which are from the words of Muhammad Al-Qayati, composed by Bilal Sorour and distributed by Hani Yacoub, as for the mix and master by Khaled Ezz and directed by the Lebanese director Nidal Hani.

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