Schubert: Hussein Al-Shahat was injured in Al-Damah and his absence from Al-Ahly against Enppi


The journalist Ahmed Schubert announced that Hussein Al-Shahat, Al-Ahly club player, was injured in the connective muscle during the team’s training today, Thursday, and the player underwent x-rays to determine the size of the injury and the duration of absence.

Schubert confirmed in a televised statement to the Ontime Stadium program, on Ontime Sports: “Al-Shahat was injured and will miss the Enppi match next Saturday in the Egypt Cup.”

Al-Ahly’s technical staff closed the file of the local super match in front of the Vanguards of the Army, which was held last Tuesday evening, at the Burj Al Arab Stadium, and the technical staff of the Red Genie began thinking about the Enppi match in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup, which will be held next Saturday in Alexandria.

Musimani, Al-Ahly’s coach, called on the team’s players to close the Super file with all its pros and cons, and began focusing on the Enppi match in the Egypt Cup, in which the Red Genie is looking to win in order to continue the journey towards preserving the Egyptian Cup title.

Musimani intends to make several wide changes in Al-Ahly’s squad to restore the spirit to the team, especially in light of the anger from the fans after losing two championships in a row, starting with the league that the Red Genie lost in the last meters in favor of Zamalek by four points, then the Super Cup on penalties.

The Al-Ahly administration decided to fine the players and the technical staff 300,000 pounds due to the decline in the technical level and the loss of the Super Cup title.


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