She killed her husband, separated his head from his body and cut off his penis, “he was asking her to imitate pornographic films”!!!


Jafra News – The Egyptian Public Prosecution referred a housewife in one of Cairos regions to the Criminal Court, after she confessed to killing her husband.

The incident dates back to when a report was received by the security services in Egypt that the people of one of the areas had found the body parts in a garbage bin. After unloading the cameras, it became clear that the victim’s wife was behind the crime and was arrested, and she gave instructions for the location of her husband’s head and the weapon used in the incident.

During the investigations, the accused explained that she got rid of her husband while he was sleeping, noting: “I entered the kitchen, took a knife, and stabbed him 5 times in the abdomen and chest until he breathed his last, after which she separated his head from his body and cut off his penis.”

And she continued, “My husband was a homosexual and I had forbidden relations with some women in the region,” explaining: “He was watching pornographic films on his phone and asking me to imitate anomalies, and when I refused, he would beat me, so I killed him and cut his body to pieces and threw them in rubbish bins in different places.” “.


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