Sherihan commemorates her idol, “Professor” Fouad Al Mohandes, madam


The star revived Sherihan, the birthday of her spiritual father in the art world, the late artist Fouad Al-Mohandes, whom she considered her ideal in art, and confirmed that he departed in his body, but did not leave her life until this moment.

Sherihan and Fouad Al Mohandes – Photo from her Twitter account

Sherihan tweeted, via her Twitter account, in memory of the professor, which agreed yesterday, September 6, saying: They left, but they did not leave me.. my role model in the theater and spontaneity, my professor Fouad Al-Muhandis, the professor September 6, 1924.

Sherihan’s audience interacted with the tweet by publishing several clips from the play “Alashan Khater Ayounak” with a poster for the play, which witnessed the recent cooperation between her and Professor Fouad Al-Muhandis, as some mentioned by statements she made about the engineer in a comprehensive dialogue with the journalist Mofeed Fawzy.

Sherihan had previously celebrated the success of her new play “Coco Chanel”, which represents her first return to artistic work after an absence of 20 years, stressing her feeling of pride because she was a source of happiness, and presented a work worthy of the love, respect and appreciation of her audience, without making any technical concessions.

Sherihan re-shared Lamees El Hadidy’s media praise tweet, after watching the play “Coco Chanel” that was shown on the first day of Eid al-Adha on the Shahid VIP platform, and commented on her through her Twitter account, saying: I am hilarious and happy .. I am proud that I was able to make you happy, happiness worthy of honor. Waiting for you, love, respect and appreciation.

Sherihan added: Thus, in my eyes, my heart, my blood and my mind, art must be, and it must be without any compromise in everything and anything… And yes, my love, they turned every ordeal into a gift… This is me.

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