Sherine Abu Al-Ezz reveals the truth about what happened with Ibn Tariq Al-Arian


The Egyptian actress, Sherine Abu Al-Ezz, completely denied what was circulated on social media, with a quarrel between her and Omar Tariq Al-Arian, the son of the divorced Syrian artist Asala Nasri.

She confirmed that what was rumored to him was completely untrue, adding that she had never quarreled with Tariq Al-Arian’s son.

She also explained to Egyptian media, that she met Omar in a public place by chance, then approached him to receive peace, and was surprised by a young woman who was with him, who entered between them and pulled Al-Arian beside her.

Omar Al-Arian with his father

Omar Al-Arian with his father

She added that the situation aroused the attention of those present, pointing out that she returned to her place naturally and completed her evening calmly, but that girl had again initiated provocative actions, according to her expression, and when one of Sherine’s friends intervened to solve the crisis, a dispute broke out between the young men, which developed into a quarrel. Denying all the rumors about Al-Arian beating her.

In addition, she made it clear that she had initiated the peace on Al-Arian based on an old friendship between them, and nothing more.

It is worth noting that confusion arose after the spread of a video in which Omar, the son of director Tariq Al-Arian, appeared in a quarrel with a group of young men in a nightclub in Lebanon, which led to him being subjected to 3 surgeries in his foot and hands.


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