Sherine Abu El-Ezz reveals the scenes of Omar’s quarrel, the son of director Tarek El-Arian, in Lebanon


During the past hours, Omar, the son of director Tariq Al-Arian, entered the hospital after a violent quarrel with a group of young men in a nightclub in Lebanon. Her face, and after slapping her, he was assaulted by 10 men, causing many injuries, which necessitated his transfer to the hospital. This is what was circulated on the social media.

“The Seventh Day” communicated with actress Sherine Abu El-Ezz, to reveal the details of what happened in the quarrel, saying: “All the words that were circulated on the social media were wrong, Omar did not hit me with the pen. On him because I know him and we have a working friendship, together with him was the girl of his intensity, and all the people in the place took care of her, I went back to the table again and he was sitting at the table next to us Omar and the girl with him and we were together.

And Sherine continued: “The girl with Omar preferred to make provocative movements and talk, so one of my friends told the girl, and he said that the adequacy of all people is looking at us. They suffocated together, Omar hit me with a bucket of snow on my body and the length of the suffocation I preferred to sit on the chair and my friends defended me. Omar wanted to walk from the place. He came to a table and his leg broke, and no one touched him, and the suffocation was all because of Isma Suleiman who was with Omar and the quarrel began, not me. The quarrel, and this is exactly what happened in the quarrel.”


Sherine Abu El Ezz


Omar Tariq Al-Arian


Sherine Abu El Ezz


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