Similar to vampire legends, an elderly American dies of rabies after being bitten by a bat!


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Similar to vampire legends, an elderly American dies of rabies after being bitten by a bat!

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The Illinois Department of Public Health (USA) announced that a man has died of rabies in the state’s first human case of the disease since 1954.

The department revealed that an elderly man in his 80s from Lake County, Illinois, died on Tuesday, September 28, just over a month after it was revealed that he woke up one day in mid-August to find a bat clinging to his neck.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the diagnosis that the man began experiencing symptoms associated with rabies, including neck pain, headache, difficulty controlling his limbs, slurred speech and numbness in his limbs.

Rabies has one of the highest mortality rates of any disease, with nearly 100% of symptomatic patients dying within weeks. A prophylactic treatment consists of multiple doses of the rabies vaccine, sometimes supplemented with a drug containing rabies antibodies. These vaccines are very effective, because the virus has a relatively long incubation period.

Although there is a rabies vaccine and treatment options that can prevent death, treatment must be given immediately after the victim has been exposed to the disease. But it is often too late to do so, when the victim begins to show symptoms.

“There is a life-saving treatment for individuals who quickly seek care after being exposed to an animal with rabies,” said Institute of Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezeki.

Health officials reportedly urged the elderly man, who has not been identified, to start rabies treatment after being diagnosed, but he refused.

The rabies virus infects the central nervous system and eventually causes brain disease and death. Without preventive treatment, rabies is usually fatal.

Source: Daily Mail


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