“Slaughtered her next to the police station” .. A worker kills his wife and shouts among the citizen


11:20 AM

Friday 17 September 2021

Fayoum – Hussein Fathi:

A husband in Fayoum governorate killed his wife, slaughtering her in the middle of the street and shouting at passersby, in the city of Sinnuris, this Friday morning, and went to surrender to the police station.

Major General Tharwat Al-Mahlawi, Director of Fayoum Security, received a notification from Colonel Muhammad Hafez Al-Hanbouli, Superintendent of Sennuris Police Department, that R.M., 35, a worker, had slaughtered his wife H.A., 30, a housewife, then surrendered himself to the police with a tool in his hand. the crime.

The husband told Lieutenant-Colonel Muhammad Hashem Miftah, Head of Investigation of the Senoras Police Department, that he was imprisoned in connection with one of the cases, and after his release from prison, the wife refused to return to him due to his misconduct, which prompted him to accuse his wife of having illegal relations with some people, so he decided to get rid of her and return Imprisonment again, away from people’s tongues.

Investigations of the investigations, which were supervised by Major General Yasser Salah, director of the Criminal Investigation Department in Fayoum, indicated that the accused was riding a motorcycle, accompanied by a person, and was watching her movements while she was staying in her family’s house due to the husband’s drug addiction.

Investigations indicated that the husband, when he saw his wife riding a “Trocycle”, stopped him and stabbed her several times in front of the citizens and did not leave her until after she died.

The wife’s body was transferred to the mortuary of Senouras Central Hospital, and the center’s prosecution was notified, which is in charge of the investigation

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