Solaf Fawakherji in a letter of thanks to Bashar al-Assad and his wife… What is the reason?


The Syrian actress participatedSulaf Fwakhergy​The audience is posted on her personal account on the social networking site, through which she sent a letter of thanks to the Syrian PresidentBashar al-Assad​, because he consoled her in the passing of her father, and wrote: “Deep thanks and gratitude to everyone who comforted us in our tragic loss of the loss of our father Muhammad Fawakherji, may God have mercy on him, by participating in the burial ceremonies, and by attending the funerals in Latakia and Damascus, by sending roses, and by phone. And thanks also to everyone who comforted us through Social networking sites and with every word said and written, and with every prayer from sincere hearts and friends of the deceased, may God prolong your lives and relatives, friends, fellow artists, ministers and members of the People’s Assembly, official and personal bodies and all lovers.. God is dear, and you are well.” Bashar al-Assad’s wife also thanked MrsAsma al-AssadAlso.


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